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Our Part Request is always FREE to use. Your Part Request is sent to qualified truck part companies that will contact you directly if they have your part. If it's out there, we will help you find it!

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1) Select your part type; complete the Part Request form and press "Send".
2) Your Part Request will be sent to qualified dealers in our system.
3) If they have your part(s) they will contact you.

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Look it works!

Thanks to you guys I have gotten closer to suppliers we've dealt with through the years. We've got a group email going on with multiple businesses<br />inquiring on parts. Thanks for letting our business grow in the parts aspect of it.

Jason Johnson
Schott's Repair Service Inc.

TPI put me in contact with someone local (Rydemore), had door delivered in under 24 hours for a great price. Thank you.


I found the gauge. Thanks for the assistance.

Jeff Davis
Long Beach, California

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