45 Million Lbs Saved with TPI!

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TruckPartsInventory.com, in collaboration with the TPI Sellers business system, has facilitated the reduction of over 45 million pounds of materials from ending up in the landfill or going to scrap in 2021 alone! This wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of the TPI Sellers, so thank you.

According to a McKinsey article1 every pound of steel produced emitted 1.85 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This means that TPI Buyers have helped reduce approximately 80 million pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted, simply by buying used, recycled, or remanufactured parts! Although parts made from recycled metals have a lower environmental impact, they remain less sustainable than used and recycled parts because of the high temperatures required to melt down and reform the metals.

Thank you for using TruckPartsInventory.com to buy green!

Quality Used Parts

A common misconception is that used parts are inferior to new parts. Not only are used and recycled parts better for the environment, but these parts also save you money and time. Recycling yards want your repeat business, so they test parts thoroughly for quality. Here are some examples:

  1. When you buy a new hood shell, you still need to mount brackets, headlights, etc. If you purchase a used hood, it often comes complete.
  2. TPI Sellers run the engines and test for smoke and blowby. Some even perform Dyno Testing2 to ensure the engines and emissions are at optimal performance levels. This means you can make the sustainable choice while trusting that you have a quality part.

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