Android App Help

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1. Remember Me

Remember me will automatically sign in your TPI Sellers account when the app is launched. This is very useful if you are using the app on your own device. Leave this unchecked if using a shared device.

The App


1. Sync

This manually syncs the list with your list of items on the TPI website.

2. Clear List

This clears all items from the list.

3. Help

This opens this page.

4. Sign Out

This signs out the current account.

5. About

This displays information about this app.

Managing Items

ItemManagement ItemDetails

1. Swipe Controls

Swipe Left

To subtract 1 from the quantity of an item, swipe the item to the left.

Swipe Right

To add 1 to the quantity of an item, swipe the item to the right.

Touch Item (no swipe)

To view more information about a part, touch the item.

2. Delete

This will remove the item and all of its quantity from the list.


tag Scanner

How To Scan

By pressing the 'Scan' button, the app will open the scanner. The scanner only reads QR codes, and the app only uses the TPS QR codes (highlighted in blue). The TPI QR Code (highlighted in red) will direct the scanner to the part page on the TPI website.

Code Won't Scan
  • Try scanning the code from farther away.

  • The 3 boxes in the corners can't be read (try repairing them with a dark pen).

  • The code is unreadable because it is too dirty or damaged.

  • Camera lens is too dirty or damaged.

  • Camera resolution too low (use 5MP or higher).

  • Too much glare on the tag for the scanner to read it properly.

  • There are more than one QR code in the viewfinder rectangle.