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The way people buy has changed. Customers want answers, prices, and availability 24/7, 365 days a year. We know. With over 8, 500 buyers searching for parts on the TPI Marketplace every day, you’re sure to make sales around the clock. In fact, we need the parts you sell to meet the demand. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop to sell parts, TPI is your huckleberry.

You're Losing Sales

Reach Further. Expose Your Parts.

People are looking for the parts you sell, and they can’t find them. Whether you’re looking to increase local sales or expand to a broader audience, the TPI Marketplace gives you the platform to reach new customers. The most surprising part is that they probably live in your city.

What Happens To Parts Sales When You're Out

Your Best Partsman Multiplied

You’re probably lucky enough to have an excellent partsman. That partsman might be you. There’s only so much you can do, so your sales hit an invisible ceiling. TPI helps store the knowledge from you (and your best people) so that everyone can sell like a pro. The TPI Also Fits database also makes sure you don’t miss that sale.

What Our Clients Say

TPI is so easy to use - our parts counter guys can quickly search parts on the computer and find them in our yard. Invoicing has become ten times faster with TPI because it is simple to use and not as complex as our old system.
Truck Parts Inventory provided us with a tag printer so that we can start to label our parts with stock numbers. Their technicians answered all the questions we had when setting up the printer. TPI has helped us organize our business and given us the tools to sell more parts.
Vanessa Turcotte

Your Parts, Right Where You Left Them

Once you have a sale, the staff needs to find the part. Employees used to have to ask you or go around the yard searching for it. Now those employees can be proactive organizing parts. TPI makes it easy to find and verify the part you’re looking for with part location and part tagging. Don’t waste any more time searching for parts, and sell more.

Accounting & Customer Management Simplified

Reports can seem boring, but they’re essential. Reports can help you buy better when you’re buying trucks. They can tell you what’s moving and what’s costing you in the yard, taking up space and labour time. Reports also show you your best customers, so you can thank them for their business, and ensure they get priority service.

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