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Features available to all TPI Full Sellers

Use technology to your benefit and free up time by knowing where everything is from anywhere at anytime, including from your mobile device.
TPI's user friendly systems make training your staff quick and easy and you never have to worry about losing any data because we store and back up your information.

Post. Seek. Connect. Profit.

Increase your free time by 50%. When decisions need to go through the owner or management, the business is limited by how much they can handle.

TPI Processes communicate to the rest of the staff once, eliminating repetition.

TPI pays for itself within 3 months.


Sell 36% more parts - TPI receives over 5000 truck parts buyers daily, turning your parts into cash.

TPI processes turn your inventory 25% faster. From salvage to sale, TPI speeds up time to market.

TPI lowers your slow moving inventory. With detailed reports, by trucks that move and leave trucks that sit in your inventory, robbing you of valuable cash flow.

No limits on the number of items you can upload

You have a lot of parts to sell. TPI can handle your entire inventory from miscellaneous parts to complete trucks. This includes pictures, files, documents, and videos1.

Find your inventory items quickly and easily

When you need your information fast, search your inventory in an instant with any keyword. This means less time filling out forms and more time selling your inventory. Search by the stock number, truck make, horsepower, ratio, or any other field you use to describe your inventory.

Your data is your data

Getting your information out shouldn't be complicated. We make it easy so you have full access to your inventory at all times. You can export your inventory to excel anytime, from anywhere.

Add all your employees to TPI

There is no limit to the number of users you can have associated with your company. This way, every employee you have can easily access TPI. With each employee you can manage their access to the different sections in TPI. Have an employee that shouldn't be able to delete any parts? Remove their ability to delete.

Receive qualified Part Requests and Leads

When someone on TPI can't find the part they're looking for, they complete a Part Request. These parts requests are sent directly to you.

256-bit encryption for data safety and security - just like your bank uses!

We do our best to make sure all your data stays in the proper hands. Every page is using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

Buyers find your parts when they search on the internet

Your parts are found not just on TPI but on search engine sites like Google. We are making improvements all the time to make sure your inventory is found quickly so you make more sales.

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1 Videos require a YouTube account