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The way people buy has changed. Customers want answers, prices, and availability 24/7, 365 days a year. We know. With over 8,500 buyers searching for parts on the TPI Marketplace every day, you’re sure to make sales around the clock. In fact, we need the parts you sell to meet the demand. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop to sell parts, TPI is your huckleberry.

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10.4k Monthly Calls
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5000% ROI
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Quality Leads

Picture a powerful tool that finds the perfect customers that are looking to purchase heavy-duty truck parts! Our marketplace uses a specialized algorithm that helps buyers discover these tough to find parts, making it simple to sell and help them back on the road!

Time Saving

Inventory Import

Send us a file from your current system and we will upload your parts into TPI.

No Upkeep

Requires very little upkeep after initial setup. No double entry.


TPI indexes your parts on Google for more exposure.

Exposure Reports

Simple Dashboard

Watch your ROI go up. In-depth analysis of leads.

Advanced Tracking

See how many people view your parts and where they are viewing from.

Call Reviewing

Listen to calls for quality assurance, warranty, or training purposes. View phone number, location & details of the call.

Solve Your Staffing Issue

  • No industry experience is required.
  • Easy to use software, so you aren't spending hours on training staff.
  • TPI staff available for training and questions. TPI academy available for self-paced online training.
  • Add pictures to parts to minimize trips taken to the yard for photos.
  • List your parts online so you don't need to take time away from the counter.
  • Ability to use on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Inventory Management

Invoice & Closing

Tracking Reports

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Inventory Management

Easily categorize all of your used, new, aftermarket, and remanufactured heavy duty parts.

Truck Breakdown

Simple and efficient way to break down and list the parts from a truck.

VIN Decoder

Enter the VIN and decode for an even quicker truck entry.


Easily export all of your parts. Send us a file and we can easily import your parts from other systems to get you started.

Custom Integrations

We can create a custom integration with another system you may use. Helps to minimize double entry and saves a ton of time!



TPI Sellers



Parts Uploaded Daily



Monthly Hours Saved Using TPI Inventory Manager

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Sales Management

Ability to manage your customer accounts, quote or invoice parts, view multiple reports, track trends, and more!


Quote or invoices a customer with an inventory item or an item not in inventory. Add freight, taxes, core charge, etc.

Accounting Integration

Save your Bookkeeper 1000s of hours a year by avoiding double entry with an integration with your accounting software. Customized and specific to your business needs.


Track customer outstanding balances, cultivate new leads & build relationships. Easily manage your customers to sell more efficiently.

Sales Reports

Make purchases based on data driven decisions. Increase revenue by having the tools needed to manage your sales staff.



Monthly Hours Saved Using TPI Sales



Dollars Monthly Invoiced via TPI



Sales Reports

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Business Reports

Detailed reports to showcase inventory & sales trends.

Inventory Reports

  • Activity logs on inventory input
  • Inventory value tracking
  • Core charge tracking
  • Tracking for inventory success on TPI
  • Exposure tracking

Sales Reports

  • Quarterly ROI reports
  • Aging reports
  • Detailed sales reports by customer, sales rep, location, part type, etc
  • Tax reports
  • Sales margin reports

What Our Clients Say

"River Valley Truck Parts has been using TPI/TPS since 2015, and we have never looked back in this decision.
If we have any questions, we can call and talk to a human being we can understand, if we have ideas or suggestions the staff at TPI/TPS listen. They have helped us with a lot of customization on our yard management system.
If I could give them a 50 Star Google rating, I would, guys and gals at TPI/TPS please keep up the great work you do!"

Kyle Bruno, River Valley Truck Parts

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