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Customers that have switched to TPI from an old inventory system

Badger Truck Parts Ltd.

Before we started with Truck Parts Inventory, we used an old software system to categorize our parts. It was difficult to navigate and our parts counter guys couldn't even use it. They would have to ask us to look up parts for them. When we were busy, it was a nightmare to try and track down parts on our huge salvage yard. Then we discovered TPI.

TPI is so easy to use - our parts counter guys can quickly search parts on the computer and find them in our yard. Truck Parts Inventory provided us with a tag printer so that we can start to label our parts with stock numbers. Their technicians answered all the questions we had when setting up the printer. TPI has helped us organize our business and given us the tools to sell more parts.

Invoicing has become ten times faster with TPI because it is simple to use and not as complex as our old system. The staff at TPI is always there to help us whenever we need assistance.

We recently decided that we wanted to put our trailers on TPI. TPI has been extremely helpful adding different trailer models that weren't already on their system. This is just one of the ways they have helped us keep our inventory organized and up to date.

We feel like TPI has taken the time to get to know our company, our parts, and our business needs. They have been a huge support in advertising our parts to a much larger market. TPI even hosted us at their office one day. It was great to get to know their friendly staff over lunch. It is nice to know that real people manage TPI and are there to support us.

Vanessa Turcotte

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Read why our customers use TPI Sellers

A&A Truck Parts Inc.

Prior to becoming a customer of TPI, we were finding advertising our parts to be a challenge. We had a number of advertisements posted in magazines and in the phone book, however as the years progressed this type of advertising was becoming less and less effective in our growing business. Knowing that the world was going digital, we knew it was important to keep up and choose an advertising partner that would market our inventory online. With TPI – we advertise our inventory on the internet, expanding our customer reach. Since signing up with TPI we have seen an increase in sales which has exceeded our expectations.

TPI works for us as a results-driven partner in advertising. They market our inventory to a focused audience and target many new potential customers.

The TPI staff are motivated to help drive sales and help us succeed. Additionally, they provide the tools to manage inventory, complete the sales cycle, manage customer relationships, and track our company profit. We also receive additional leads from TPI for parts people are looking for, giving us opportunity for extra sales.

Expanding our customer base through TPI has had a positive impact and was a great business decision for us. We should’ve signed up with TPI years earlier.

Josh Pecoraro
Inventory Manager

Arkansas Truck Center

Before TPI, when a customer called looking for a part, we need to rely on our parts guys to know where the part was in the yard. Then they needed to go out and find the part to confirm it was still there. This was time consuming. It was frustrating not only for our customers but for us as well. We wanted to be better organized and needed help!

Since joining Truck Parts Inventory and entering parts in the system, we can find parts quickly and easily. Whether we are in the office or the yard, we can locate parts fast for our customers. My parts guys can search for the part on TPI and know immediately if we have it in stock.

We love TPI's mobility and features. The system is easy to use and we can upload parts and images quickly. We can even upload videos of our parts! TPI adds new features on a regular basis - they are always working to help make our sales processes easier.

The TPI team is always quick to address our questions and are always there to help.

Logan Cochran

Bobby Johnson Equipment Company, Inc.

Our company is located in an area where business relies heavily on the oil industry. With the drop in oil prices in the last 6 months, we needed to find a way to connect with buyers outside our area. We needed to get more exposure for our parts - fast! Knowing the value of advertising online, we looked to Truck Parts Inventory for help.

With TPI, our parts are now exposed to buyers nationally and internationally. TPI has helped us to reach more buyers and sell parts to a wider audience quickly and efficiently. We have gained many new customers and industry contacts. Our business has grown since signing up with TPI. Truck Parts Inventory brings buyers to us!

Kevin Johnson

Empire Truck Parts

A few years ago, our sales were dwindling. We were worried our business wouldn't survive if we didn't do something new. Then, we decided to get our parts onto TPI. Now we sell parts to people all over and have expanded our market. TPI helps us have an edge over our competitors. Anyone can look on TPI and find our parts online. TPI has driven more sales to our business.

One time, we were trying to sell a gravel trailer in our yard. It just sat there for a month! No one wanted to buy it. Then, we posted the trailer on TPI and we quickly had a buyer interested. Turns out he worked right down the street from our yard and passed by the trailer everyday on his way home. We couldn't believe it! This man had found the trailer online. We sold him the trailer and he was happy with his purchase. Posting our parts on TPI has allowed us to connect with many more customers - even ones just down the road. We should've been on this years ago!

TPI is also a great resource for us because we are able to build a database with all the information we need for our parts. We have some guys who want more time off or are planning to retire soon. With TPI, our employees can input their parts knowledge so that we can all find the parts we need and easily train new staff. Before TPI, if a parts guy retired, he would take all his parts knowledge with him and we'd be scrambling to figure out the things only he knew. TPI allows us to keep our inventory organized and our parts information up to date.

We are now selling more parts and our business is back on track thanks to TPI.

Paul Whyburd

Jack Lyons Truck Parts Inc.

Before we decided to switch to TPI - we were tracking all our inventory using our own custom built software. Over time, using our own software was frustrating and costly to maintain as the technology was becoming out dated and finding people to support it was difficult. Any change required to meet our business needs was becoming very difficult if not impossible. As the software contained our entire inventory, the thought of changing systems was also daunting.

When we received a demo of TPI - we realized it was time to make a change. We decided to switch over to TPI and for the past 5+ years, we've been using TPI to manage and advertise our inventory online. Since we made the switch, we experienced great customer service. We find their staff to be friendly, available, and knowledgeable. They provide us a quick response time to any question or issue that we may have. We feel like our needs are always a priority for their staff.

The system is easy to use, but if I ever have questions, the staff is always there to help us out. Training has not been an issue - the TPI sales team will support us over the phone or over an online demo to show us how to use new features and answer our questions.

The TPI staff are always wanting to discuss new features and work hard at improving their product based on our suggestions. I no longer have the issue and costs of adding features to my own custom software.

As a business owner, I am constantly working. Using a software that's 100% online also enables me to work from anywhere and spend more time away from the office - which is important to me and my family.

We are confident using and appreciate our relationship with the staff at Truck Part Solutions Inc.

Jack Lyon, Jr.