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Seeking that Heavy Truck or Heavy Truck Part can be difficult if you’re looking for it on the opposite side of the country! Manually entering in your location can save you time, by calculating all available sellers within your proximity, and referring you to the closest ones. Remember that not every seller will carry the same parts, and some sellers won’t ship to specific locations if they’re across borders. High-demand parts such as ECM Modules, Engines and Fuel Tanks can be posted and sold within minutes of each other, so you might have to try more than one seller in order to find fast-selling parts. By selecting a general location, you are likely to receive a large amount of part results. To further narrow down what parts you need, refine your search using key words such as “Differentials” or “Transmissions”. The more details you give, the more likely you’ll find the exact part you're looking for. Of course, if you just want fast service, you can select a general location below the map and contact heavy parts sellers that way.

Things you should consider before contacting a seller:

  • Distance between your location and the seller

  • The demand for your desired part(s)

  • If the seller ships to your location(s)

  • The time it will take to get to you

You can look up your location above in the search bar or drag the map marker to your location to use as the distance calculator.

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